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Working towards 100% recyclable packaging

By :Ximena Shelton 0 comments
Working towards 100% recyclable packaging

We know the environment and the impact of packaging is important to our customers as it is to us and that’s why we’ve been working hard with our suppliers.

Those of you who have been buying our traditional coffee or Coffee Hearts over the years may have noticed a slight change to the boxes. We’ve worked hard with packaging experts and we’re pleased to announce that the mat lamination, covering the cardboard in a thin layer of plastic, has now been stopped. That’s why the boxes aren’t as shiny in their appearance! We’ve also stopped using UV spot varnish to highlight certain sections of the packaging, as this also reduces how recyclable the boxes are.

We’re pleased to say that our boxes are now 100% recyclable and are gradually feeding through our supply chain to our distributors and retailers.

The individual sachets we use for the Coffee Hearts are also being changed. We wanted to have a wrapper which was both recyclable and also ideally suited to coffee so the quality of our product was maintained. This was easier said than done! We’ve now found a 100% compostable material for the Coffee Hearts wrappers and we’re in the final stages of finding a suitable ink for printing on this material.

We’ve come a long way and nearing the end of our journey to make all Shelton’s Coffee products 100% recyclable. We’ll keep you updated.

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